Sign-up for Spring has begun.


Age on
4/30/2015 League Cost

15-19 Colt $230
13-14 Pony $220
11-12 Bronco $175*
9-10 Mustang $165*
7-8 Pinto $155*
6-7 Maverick** $155*
5-6 Coach Pitch $155*

*Plus Fundraiser or Fundraiser Buy-out
** If you want your child placed in Maverick, email the VP of Baseball ( after registering. Otherwise, you will be defaulted to Pinto or Coach Pitch depending on the child’s age on 4/30/15.

Age on
1/1/2015 League Cost

15-18 18U $230
13-14 14U $220
11-12 12U $175*
9-10 10U $165*
7-8 8U $155*
5-6 Coach Pitch $155*

*Plus Fundraiser or Fundraiser Buy-out

There is a $50 per family activity fee required for the spring season. THis can be reimbursed to you by volunteering in the spring in the concession stand, volunteering for equipment handout, candy handout, and other various needs we have.

One does not have to be a Plainfield Park District Resident to register and play baseball or softball in PAC for the spring season. This is a slight change with an agreement with the PPD.

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