New Wave LaCrosse
Experience the Difference

New Wave Lacrosse is a premiere, high caliber and high quality organization in the Illinois Lacrosse Community. Our program utilizes unmatched skill, passion, dedication and knowledge from our Hall of Fame coaching staff to consistently transform young students into high caliber collegiate athletes. With a challenging, inspiring program and extensive lacrosse networks across the country, we aim to help our athletes reach their collegiate, personal and athletic goals. We specialize in everything from beginner lacrosse instruction for the athletes who are just getting into the game, all the way to the most elite travel clubs scouted by collegiate staff. Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the Midwest and New Wave has embraced the task of helping Illinois excel at it.

Our mission is simple; It is our goal to develop student athletes of success and integrity. We strive to help our boys serve as positive members of their team and the Illinois Lacrosse Community. We aim to not only establish our name as a premier athletic organization, but also to instill a positive attitude in our athletes so they are willing to recognize the importance of mental/physical growth in the development of their lacrosse skills. At the end of the day, We help our athletes reach their full lacrosse potential and meet their own personal goals.


We take our top teams to the premier tournaments in the country. Our focus on these tournaments is to provide the best competition for our teams. New Wave has traveled to California, Texas, Colorado, New York and Florida for some of the top recruiting tournaments in the country. We also take our youth teams to the most competitive tournaments in the region, which include Traverse City, MI and Lexington, KY.

Coaching Staff

We have the most experienced coaching staff in the state. Our coaches range from Head Coaches at the college level, Head Coaches at the High School level, to current college players.

Recruiting Record

New Wave prides itself at getting our high school players into college. We average an 85% college-signing rate. This is due to our knowledgeable staff and recruiting tournaments that we attend.

Benefit of Size

New Wave focuses on only our club members. We have a limited number of teams that we focus on. There are no other teams out of state that we have to keep track of and all of our focus is right here with New Wave.


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